International Partnerships

International Partnerships offers opportunities for members to establish linkages with sister institutions in developing countries. Through these partnerships, Canadian institutions share experience in educational programs tailored to local employers’ needs. Linkages also provide Canadian college students with learning opportunities abroad.

Recent projects include Education for Employment programs in Africa and the Caribbean, and the Mulheres Mil (Empowering Women) project in Brazil funded by the Canadian International Development Agency. ACCC is also involved in promoting Canadian education abroad through the Canadian Consortium for International Education Marketing.

As we near the end of 2012, the Association of Canadian Community Colleges (ACCC) is thrilled to release its History - a fitting close to the year of its 40th anniversary. This collection of stories has been a labour of love over the last four years, during which we have taken the time to reflect upon our past experiences and extract the lessons learned from our collaborations with colleges in Canada and partner institutions abroad. It is our hope and expectation that our successes and challenges over the past 40 years will serve as a blueprint from which to grow and adapt our future activities in order to meet the global need to provide citizens all over the world with the relevant skills and education for employment. Enjoy and then share your histories with us.

icon History of ACCC International Activities (1.91 MB)