National Educational Standards for Personal Care Providers

The need for national educational standards for personal care provider programs has been an ongoing concern for post-secondary educators for a considerable period of time. The lack of standards, coupled with provincial differences among programs, has limited portability of credentials and employee mobility at a time when there is a great demand for personal care providers across the country.  Furthermore, requirements for employment vary widely provincially and nationally. In the absence of regulation and a lack of national educational standards, there was no existing mechanism for employers to assess credentials or depth of education for personal care providers.  With the support of ACCC and its affinity group, Canadian Association of Continuing Care Educators (CACCE), Health Canada sponsored a study to develop an initial set of ‘Educational Standards for Personal Care Providers’. The content emerged from an environmental scan of a sampling of program curricula offered across the country as well as extensive consultation with stakeholders.  A Steering Committee representing the related professions, educators, regulators, employers from public and private sectors, and provincial education and health ministry representatives guided the development of the Standards. The Standards are intended for voluntary adoption and will offer a framework for curriculum development.

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